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Computational Biochemistry

- For Ethical Drug Design

- For Drug-Receptor Interactions

Custom Biochemical Assays

- For Polyphenols & Flavonoids in Teas & Beverages

Science and SR&ED Consulting

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- To Government

- To Law Firms & Regulators

- To Individuals

For 28 years, KMC has created novel research products and provided many services to the science community. We synthesize original synthetic intermediates for research into new medicines. We also develop algorithms for efficient modeling of both receptor targets and ligands.

Sector:                                  Pharmaceuticals + Computational Chemistry

Mission:                                Computer-aided Drug Design and Synthesis

Focus:                                   Preclinical Drug Candidates for Schizophrenia, Depression, Addictions, and Parkinson's Disease.

Platform Technology:     Key Molecular Corp. provides new commercial synthetic intermediates to the research market, and has designed potentially useful neuro-active drugs with its proprietary technology platforms. The company continues to develop computer programs and interfaces for an integrated approach to lead-compound development. As well, it has experience in design and production of selective-affinity materials for bio-extraction systems.

Products (Pipeline):       Preclinical drug discovery candidates re schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease; novel synthetic intermediates.
We have also developed libraries of arylimines, enaminones, bisquaternary amines and other compounds.

Some Milestones:             1. Joseph Tedesco, the founder, was involved at the University of Toronto in the first identification of the dopamine receptor in mammalian brain.
2. Key Molecular Corp. has developed a number of molecular structures with potential to treat Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia.
3. The company has developed materials for the extraction of cholesterol from biological fluids.

Management:                    KMC has expertise in the following areas: computational biochemistry; drug discovery;  synthetic chemistry; we also assist with Research Tax-Credit (SR&ED) claims for a variety of industrial activities.

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