Key Molecular Corp. (Canada)

To : All Tea Executives


How truly nutritious is your tea?
Why not find out?
Why not let your customers know?

For only $45 per sample, we offer:
A quantitative assay of the TOTAL Polyphenols and Flavonoids in your tea leaves, powder or beverage samples

Dear Tea Executive:

Key Molecular Corp. is a biotech company in Toronto, incorporated since 1988.

In the last 4 years, we have developed an assay for total Polyphenol/Flavonoid content of tea blends (loose leaf and powder) and beverage powders.

A number of local tea merchants have used this service. They have expressed satisfaction with the results we provide. If you are interested in having more data on the relative health benefits of your teas, we are pleased to extend this laboratory service to your firm.

We would be happy to receive your tea products for assay. To act, please contact us by email (, telephone (416-876-1500) or by regular mail.


Our standard rate is $45 per tea sample assayed, with a minimum order of 10 samples. We would require 10 grams or more of each tea blend sample, in a moisture-proof package. Results are normally ready in 2 weeks from receipt of samples.

Payment is due upon receipt of assay results.

Please contact Dr. Tedesco (416-876-1500) to arrange payment.

For larger orders (30 samples or more) please include a 25% payment in advance. Payable by Cheque, Interac PayPal, Credit Card or Cash.


For orders of 100 or more samples, we offer a 10% discount. For orders of 200 or more samples, we offer a 15% discount.

Offers Good to December 31, 2018


Please Ship Samples, by courier or regular mail, to:

Key Molecular Corp.
6-2100 Bloor St West, UPS Unit 6201
Toronto ON Canada M6S 5A5

Best Regards,

Joseph L Tedesco, Ph.D.
President, Key Molecular Corp.
Phone: 416-876-1500